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School Benefit Services - Sacramento, CA

Financial Guidance for Education Professionals
Marina Armbruster

Marina Armbruster

Financial Advisor

Marina Armbruster is the founder of School Benefit Services and a financial advisor with nearly three decades of experience in providing financial services for education professionals. Working closely with these clients and their families, she strives to help them meet their financial and retirement goals. She provides personalized investment, insurance, and retirement planning services that are tailored to their specific circumstances and needs. She also provides retirement plan consulting to school districts, assisting with the development and management of 403(b) and 457 plans, Section 125 plans, and group and supplemental insurance plans.

Since entering the financial services industry, Marina has always been passionate about working with education professionals, recognizing the hard work they do every day. She understands they often lack the time and resources to actively plan ahead for retirement, and her goal is to serve as their partner, advocate, guide, and go-to source for education and advice. With deep roots in the Sacramento area, she has built her practice by providing employee benefits and financial services to school districts and county offices in the greater Sacramento area.

Outside of the office, you can find Marina and her husband, Jeff, playing golf and tennis together, and taking walks with their two dachshunds, Duke and Earl. An avid runner, she participates in at least two marathons a year.