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School Benefit Services - Sacramento, CA

Financial Guidance for Education Professionals

What Makes Us Unique

At School Benefit Services, we believe there are several key factors that set us apart from other firms:


Everything we do is with our clients’ best interests in mind. We are passionate about helping our clients pursue their retirement dreams. Providing frequent communication, building long-lasting relationships based on trust, and offering support and advice whenever needed, we want our clients to know that we are focused on serving their needs, not making sales.


Our independence gives us the freedom to recommend the strategies and products we feel best suit a client’s specific goals. We are not tied to proprietary products and instead have access to a wide range of investment options.

Established & Experienced

We have nearly three decades of experience providing financial services and retirement planning to education professionals in the greater Sacramento area. Established in our community, we have built strong relationships with local school districts and education professionals, and are intimately familiar with the concerns and challenges they face.


We understand the importance of education, especially when it comes to education professionals. Rather than simply recommend strategies, we take the time to address clients’ questions, explain the reasoning behind our recommendations, and simplify the complex elements of investing and retirement planning.

Advanced Technology

Using advanced software, we can help clients calculate their budgeting needs and what actions they need to take in pursuit of their retirement and other financial goals. Through this user-friendly technology, clients can visually see how their strategies and plans work, and how different changes to their finances affect their strategies.