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School Benefit Services - Sacramento, CA

Financial Guidance for Education Professionals

Financial Services

At School Benefit Services, we understand that education professionals want to ensure they are making the most of their savings and benefits. They want to feel comfortable in their financial future and be able to retire comfortably on schedule. Our goal is to help teachers understand their financial opportunities and how to pursue their goals. By providing education throughout the process, we strive to empower clients to make informed decisions and proactively work toward their objectives.

With most of our clients, we begin by looking at their retirement needs, including when they want to retire and how they envision their retirement lifestyle. Through advanced software, we evaluate their current savings, cash flow, and retirement accounts in comparison with their goals. We can determine how much they need to save monthly in order to accomplish certain benchmarks. Upon developing a retirement strategy, we can assist with their other financial needs, which may include:

  • Income Planning
  • Retirement Plan Benefits Optimization
  • Investment Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Insurance

Our goal is to help educators and their families follow a clear path toward their retirement dreams and other financial goals.